3 days in Rome Colosseum aerial view

Rome city trip in 3 days · Tips for connoisseurs and bon vivants

Organize your city trip to Rome in no time and plan your individual short trip with our suggestions and tips. In this way you optimize the visit of the sights, enjoy the Roman life and leave the tourist trails.

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Rome city trip in 3 days · Tips for connoisseurs and bon vivants 1


Are you a museum muffle or do you want to visit as many attractions as possible? Here you will find program suggestions for every taste.

Choose from our suggestions and become an experienced visitor to Rome in no time. Find out about the best times to visit the attractions, about waiting times, travel times and how to optimize your program according to your interests.

Read what’s going on on the individual days of the week and our insider tips on interesting combinations.

Days of the week

Many museums in Rome are closed on Monday, the papal audience is on Wednesday. Here you can find out what is going on in Rome on each day of the week.

Arrival day

The day of arrival is a logistical challenge. You are traveling with luggage and still want to experience as much as possible.

Early arrival

Get a quick and easy overview of the sights with a trip on the hop on hop off bus. An alternative could be to combine the transfer from the airport with a tour of Rome.

For the afternoon you can choose one of our suggested programs. Whether shopping, Colosseum or Vatican, there is certainly something for you.

Program suggestions

Vatican city in 3 hours

Vatican City in 3 hours · What you need to know

The Vatican State is one of the most important attractions for pilgrims and visitors to Rome. Visiting the museums and St. Peter’s Basilica in three hours is a logistical challenge. Read how you can succeed and what you need to consider in order not to be turned away at the entrance.

Colosseum Archeaological Park

Forum Romanum and Palatine Hill

The Archaeological Park of Roman Forum and Palatine is part of the visit to the Colosseum. For Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine you need one hour each. So plan on a total of three hours.

Rome city center Pantheon

Rome city center · 7 Highlights · Facts & Figures

Rome city center. There is a lot to experience and discover in the historical center of Rome. Whether shopping around the Spanish Steps, a visit to the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, good food in the ghetto, visiting churches and ancient relics or partying at Campo de’ Fiori, the center of Rome leaves nothing to be desired.

Sunday in Rome Via Appia Antica

Sunday in Rome · Walk on the Appia Antica

On Sunday in Rome it is especially beautiful on the Appia Antica because there is hardly any traffic. During a walk or a bike ride you will see ancient tombs on the right and left side of the road and after visiting the catacombs you can enjoy a delicious meal in a garden restaurant.

Papal basilicas and catacombs

Papal basilicas & catacombs in a half day

On this somewhat unusual tour, you will see three papal basilicas and the catacombs. You walk a good 2 ½ miles from the Basilica St. Paul to the catacombs and take public transport for the other stations.

Departure day

Wenn Sie einen späten Abflug haben, können Sie auch am Abreisetag Rom noch so richtig geniessen. Damit Sie nicht das Gepäck überall herumschleppen müssen, buchen Sie eine Gepäckauf­bewah­rung.

Active in Rome

Rome is a liveable and very green city. Rome is criss-crossed by green spaces and parks, and there are many opportunities to do sports.

Read Jogging in Rome and Rome on foot. The center of Rome is not that big and if you are good on foot you can walk around the center and the archaeological area around the Colosseum.

There are also beautiful routes for cycling in Rome.

Insider tips

Roma segreta la Madonna dell’Archetto Piazza Fontana di Trevi

Hidden gems · The Madonna dell’Archetto

Rome, the center of Christianity, offers representations of the Madonna everywhere: inside and on the facades of churches but also along the streets in suggestive sacred shrines to which many stories are linked. Today we will talk about the Madonna dell’Archetto, one of the most revered representations in the eternal city.

St. Peter's square history and secrets

St. Peter’s Square · history and secrets

St. Peter’s Square is the first thing visitors to the St. Peter’s Basilica see. The square, built by Gian Carlo Bernini until 1667, is an architectural masterpiece and one of the greatest scenographies of Baroque Rome. Here you will read about what there is to see in St. Peter’s Square and learn more about its history.

Hidden Rome gems Rose garden

Hidden Rome Gems · The rose garden of the city of Rome

For those who love greenery and flowers but don’t want to miss the ruins of Rome, we recommend visiting the urban rose garden, a corner of peace and beauty, a stone’s throw from Circus Maximus and the Mouth of Truth, the “Bocca della verità”.

Eating in Rome

Before dinner, take a rest in one of the splendid Roman squares and try some homemade ice cream.

Even though the Romans usually only go out to eat after 9 p.m., many restaurants open at 7 p.m. In Rome there is a good selection of restaurants with Roman cuisine or with offers from other Italian regions, pizzerias, pasta kitchens, wine shops, fish restaurants and grill restaurants. Rome also has numerous kebabs, Japanese and Chinese restaurants. Other countries are less represented. Browse our category Food in Rome.

After dinner, you may still want to go for a walk to enjoy life in the city.

Remember that the metro runs until 11:30 p.m. on weekdays and until 1:30 a.m. on weekends. The buses usually run until midnight. After that there is a network of night bus routes, which however does not cover the whole city.

Nepp Abzocke in Rom Gip and ripoff in Rome

Rip-off in Rome · Where and how · 3 basic rules

Gip and rip-offs are everywhere, even in Rome. Although much is warned, many tourists are too careless and fall into the trap. Some cases even make headlines worldwide. Read how you can protect yourself and how you should behave when confronted with an inflated bill. 

Top restaurants in Rome

Top restaurants in Rome · Exclusive dining

Rome has numerous internationally known top chefs and high-quality gastronomy in well-kept surroundings. Find the right top restaurant in Rome for your romantic meal or your prestigious celebration here. Browse through our selection of first class restaurants.

Hotel choice

The location of your accommodation is essential for your time management during your stay in Rome.

Depending on where your accommodation is, you are either right in the middle of it or you need half an hour or more each time to get to the center and the sights.

Good locations for your accommodation are the surroundings of the Colosseum for ancient Rome, the city center for romantic walks in the center between the Spanish Steps and the Tiber and the area around the Vatican if you want to be among the first in St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.

Practical tips

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