Top restaurants in Rome · Exclusive dining

Top restaurants in Rome

Rome has numerous internationally known top chefs and high-quality gastronomy in well-kept surroundings. Find the right top restaurant in Rome for your romantic meal or your prestigious celebration here. Browse through our selection of first class restaurants.

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Brunch in Rome · American breakfast in Rome

Brunch in Rome American breakfast

Brunch and American breakfast in Rome do not have a long tradition. Of course, many international hotels have always offered their guests an extensive breakfast buffet, but brunch and American breakfast are rare in cafes and restaurants in Rome.

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Rip-off in Rome · Where and how · 3 basic rules

Nepp Abzocke in Rom Gip and ripoff in Rome

Gip and rip-offs are everywhere, even in Rome. Although much is warned, many tourists are too careless and fall into the trap. Some cases even make headlines worldwide. Read how you can protect yourself and how you should behave when confronted with an inflated bill. 

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Markets, Groceries and Supermarkets in Rome

Groceries in Rome Lebensmittelgeschaefte in Rom Eataly

One of the main topics of conversation among Romans are the grocery stores in Rome. Whether you want to self-cater in Rome or buy a souvenir and a culinary vacation memory in a delicatessen in Rome, here are our experiences.

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Roman Cuisine · Cucina Romana · Typical dishes simply explained

Roman Cuisine Römische Küche Trattoria della Stampa

Roman cuisine is a traditional and sometimes heavy cuisine. The traditional Jewish cuisine in the ghetto gives it a Central European print. The typical names of the food are not easy to translate and unfortunately you will often find misleading translations. In this little guide we explain the most important dishes.

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