Hidden gems · The Madonna dell’Archetto

Roma segreta la Madonna dell’Archetto Piazza Fontana di Trevi

Rome, the center of Christianity, offers representations of the Madonna everywhere: inside and on the facades of churches but also along the streets in suggestive sacred shrines to which many stories are linked. Today we will talk about the Madonna dell’Archetto, one of the most revered representations in the eternal city.

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St. Peter’s Square · history and secrets

St. Peter's square history and secrets

St. Peter’s Square is the first thing visitors to the St. Peter’s Basilica see. The square, built by Gian Carlo Bernini until 1667, is an architectural masterpiece and one of the greatest scenographies of Baroque Rome. Here you will read about what there is to see in St. Peter’s Square and learn more about its history.

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Hidden Rome Gems · The fountain of love

Trevi fountain

The fountain of love – la fontanella degli innamorati – is the basis of a beautiful legend and destination for many couples in love. Find out what the legend tells and where you will find the lovers’ fountain.

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