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Luggage storage Rome. Walking around Rome with luggage is very inconvenient. Visit Rome undisturbed and find luggage storage near you in no time.

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Do not leave your luggage unattended. It often disappears while you have a coffee at the bar or while reading an information board. It is forbidden to take luggage into the museums. There is no luggage storage in the Colosseum and in many other museums. Luggage storage is also rather difficult at the Vatican Museums because entrance and exit are different.

What to do with luggage in Rome

Luggage Storage Rome

To take full advantage of the days in Rome, you may book an early flight for arrival and a late flight for departure. In most cases you will not be able to leave your luggage at the accommodation or you would like to go straight to the sights because your accommodation is further away. You will need a luggage storage in Rome.

Probably you think to leave your luggage at Termini Station. However, there are almost always long queues at the luggage storage Termini. Also the cost of € 6 for the first five hours and € 1 for each additional hour is quite high. Termini is quite far from the sights in the center and you have to drive back to the train station before heading to your accommodation.

It therefore makes sense to leave your luggage in the city center or at a store near the attractions you want to visit.

What to do with backpacks in Rome

With backpack you can be denied access to various places in Rome. At the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, you can only take small backpacks with you. Even big bags are not allowed.

To visit these attractions, you must therefore give your backpack for safekeeping.

Luggage storage Rome with LuggageHero

Luggagehero Rome

LuggageHero is convenient and affordable luggage storage in the city. It is present in more than 25 cities, such as Rome, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Vienna or Berlin. LuggageHero works with hotels and businesses that handle luggage storage.

You do not need an app to use LuggageHero. Just follow the link and look for the nearest station on the map. All you need to do is enter your email address and you can reserve for free and without obligation. You can cancel at any time for free and the time starts to run only after you have left your luggage. Your luggage is insured with € 2,500.

What are the advantages of LuggageHero

The reservation is very simple and without obligation. If you do not use the booking, you will not be charged. It is sufficient to enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation email after booking with a link to your booking. If you have provided your telephone number, you will receive the confirmation as an SMS too. On your booking page you will find all information about the booked store and you can manage the booking.

What LuggageHero costs

At LuggageHero you pay a basic fee of 2 € and 1 € per hour with a maximum of 8 € per day.

How LuggageHero works

LuggageHero How it works

You click on the link from LuggageHero, select the number of bags and the day of the reservation and then see a list of stores near your current location with the opening times. Instead of a list, you can also display the stores on a map. If you have selected a store, enter your email address or use Google or Facebook to register. You will then receive an email with a link to your booking page. On the booking page you will find all information about your booking. You can manage the booking and also cancel it for free. When you drop off your luggage at the store, start the timer on the booking page. It measures the length of your luggage storage. When you pick up your luggage, you stop the timer and the amount is automatically deducted from your credit card.

To start and stop the timer you need an internet connection. Most stores have free WiFi. You must register your credit card before handing in the luggage. For more information, visit LuggageHero.

Where to find the luggage storage

Luggagehero Rome

You can leave your luggage at the stores near the Termini, Tiburtina and Ostiense train stations. If you do not want to return to the station, you can leave the luggage in the center or at the sights. Here you can see the different locations.

Luggage storage at the Colosseum

Luggage storage Colosseum

Visiting the Coliseum with luggage, backpacks or large bags is prohibited. There is no luggage storage in the Colosseum. Luggage storage near the Colosseum

Luggage storage at Capitoline Museums, markets of Trajan, Palazzo Venezia, Victorianum, Palazzo Valentini

Luggage storage Capitoline Museums

Visiting the museums with luggage, backpacks, large bags and umbrellas is prohibited. The entrainment of buggies is allowed. The Capitoline Museums and the markets of Trajan have a wardrobe. At the Capitoline Museums you can also hand in large bags and rucksacks. However, you have to carry bags and backpacks up the Capitol Hill. Luggage storage at Piazza Venezia

Luggage storage in the city center of Rome

Luggage storage in the city center of Rome​

There are numerous luggage storage options in the city center. Whether at the Trevi Fountain, at Piazza Navona, at the Pantheon or at Campo de’ Fiori, here you will find what you are looking for.

Luggage storage at the Vatican

Luggage storage at the Vatican

The Vatican Museums offer a cloakroom where you can drop your bags, bags and rucksacks. You can not give away money and valuables, cameras and electronic devices, coats and jackets. All items must be picked up before closing the museum.

If you go straight to St. Peter’s Basilica with a guided tour of the Vatican Museums, you don’t come back to the Vatican Museums wardrobe. Luggage storage at the Vatican

Luggage storage at Trastevere

Luggage storage Trastevere

Trastevere is known as an evening gathering place to eat, drink and hang out. In addition, always on Sunday, is in Trastevere  the flea market Porta Portese. Luggage storage in Trastevere

Luggage storage at the train stations

There are numerous luggage storage options around Termini, Ostiense and Tiburtina.

Luggage storage Termini

Termini Station is crossed by metro lines A and B. From the airports you can get to Termini by shuttle bus, from Fiumicino also by Leonardo Express. Luggage storage at Termini

Luggage storage Ostiense

You reach Ostiense train station with the FL1 regional train from Fiumicino. You can change to metro B, which leads to the Colosseum, Termini and the Basilica of St. Paul. From Ostiense it is not far to the Aventine and the trendy areas Testaccio and Ostiense. Luggage storage at Ostiense

Luggage storage Tiburtina

Tiburtina station is a high-speed train station on the north-south line for direct trains from Florence to Naples. In addition, the metro B crosses and there is a bus station for the connections to the Adriatic. Luggage storage at Tiburtina

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