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Holidays in Rome, calendar of Holy Papal masses, angelus and audiences, opening hours of shops and museums for the holidays.

In 1977, the abolition of several church holidays was agreed at that time between the entrepreneurs and the communist trade unions, in order to avoid the multiplicity of bridge days with corresponding production interruptions.

Many of these holidays have fallen into oblivion in Italy, especially the Pentecost, when Pentecost Monday was abolished as a holiday.

Holiday calendar

28 March, 2021: Palm Sunday

2 April, 2021: Good Friday – working day

4 April, 2021: Easter

5 April, 2021: Easter Monday – “Pasquetta” a classic day for trips and family visits. The Vatican Museums are closed.

Friday 21 April, 2021: Rome birthday

Sunday 25 April, 2021: anniversary of the liberation from fascism – national holiday

Saturday 1 May, 2021: Labour – day national holiday. The Vatican Museums and the museums of the municipality of Rome are closed.

9 May, 2021 (2nd sunday in May): mother’s day

Sunday 23 May, 2021: Pentecost

Wednesday 2 June, 2021 Day of the Republic – national holiday

Sunday 20 June, 2021: 27th festival of music

Tuesday 29 June, 2021: Peter and Paul – Feast of the patron saints of Rome – local holiday

Sunday 15 August, 2021: Ferragosto – Maria Ascension Day – national holiday and key point of summer vacation time. The Vatican Museums are closed the 14th and 15th August.

Monday 1 November, 2021: All Saints. The Vatican Museums are closed.

Thursday 4 November 2021: National Unity and Armed Forces Day – normal working day. Ceremonies in the morning at the Victorianum with flyover of the aerobatic team Frecce Tricolore

Wednesday 8 December, 2021: Maria conception – national holiday

Saturday 25 December, 2021: Christmas – national holiday. All museums are closed.

Sunday 26 December, 2021: St. Stephen’s day – national holiday. The Vatican Museums are closed.

Friday 31 December, 2021: New Years Eve – working day

Saturday 1 January, 2022: New Year. All museums are closed.

Thursday 6 January, 2022: Epiphany, public holiday, the Vatican Museums are closed – in the Italian tradition, on this day comes “La Befana”, the witch, and brings the gifts to the children

Tuesday February, 2022: Chinese New Year – working day. All information about the Chinese New Year events in Rome

Monday 14 February, 2022: Saint Valentin

Saturday 26 February, 2022: Carnival in Rome – working day

Saturday 19 March, 2022: St. Joseph – father’s day. This is a normal working day. The Vatican Museums are closed.

Shop opening

Most of the city center shops and malls are open seven days a week.

Most shops are closed on

January 1, April 25, June 2, June 29, August 15, December 25 and 26. Most grocery stores are also closed on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.


Roman National Museums, such as the Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo, are closed on January 1st and December 25th.

The municipal museums, such as the Capitoline Museums, the Trajan markets and the Centrale Montemartini, are also closed on May 1st.

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The Vatican museums are closed on

Sunday except the last Sunday of the month, 6 January, 11 February, 19 March. Easter Monday, 1 Mai, 29 June, 14 + 15 August, 1 November, 8 December, 25+26 December.

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Monthly overview

Pope Masses, Angelus Prayers and Audiences​

Source: Deutsches Pilgerzentrum Rom