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Public toilets in Rome. Many Romans and Rome visitors organize to use a coffee break or a little lunch for a toilet visit. But if you are on sightseeing it is not always possible and because many street food shops do not offer sanitary facilities.

Public toilets in Rome are on some squares, in department stores and shops as well as in bars and restaurants. Read our practical tipps on where to find public toilets in Rome.

Public toilets of the municipality of Rome

Public toilet with info point Rome
Public toilet with info point

The municipality of Rome privatized the service in 2019. There are now seven information points with sanitary facilities and three sanitary facilities. The facilities are of good quality and accessible to wheelchair users.

The service costs 1 Euro and is free for holders of the Roma Pass.
Vatican: Piazza della Città Leonina
Center: Piazza di Spagna
Trastevere: Piazza Sidney Sonnino
Piazza Navona: Via Zanardelli

San Giovanni: Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano

Rome public toilets Elevator for wheelchair users
Elevator for wheelchair users

Santa Croce in Gerusalemme: Viale Carlo Felice
Porta Maggiore
Santa Maria Maggiore: Piazza dell’Esquilino
Repubblica: Largo di Villa Peretti
Via Venti Settembre
Testaccio: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice
= Info point

Public toilets in the Vatican

The sanitary situation in the Vatican is very good. They are prepared for a large numbers of visitors and provide the necessary services. Toilets can be found on St. Peters’ Square right behind the post office, in the service center on the right of the entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica and on the left after the exit from St. Peter’s Basilica. There are further toilets on the roof of the basilica and at the Auditorium of the Papal Audiences. The toilets are open during the day.

Further toilets can be found in front of St. Peter’s Square on the right in the Galleria San Pietro, during the opening hours of the gallery.

Toilets in museums and archaeological sites

Exemplary are the toilets in the Vatican Museums. Also in the other museums and in the catacombs the toilets are in order. Also in the state archaeological sites, such as the Coliseum, the Palatine and the Roman Forum, you will find suitable toilet facilities, even if they are sometimes hidden. Especially at the Coliseum, there are waiting times at the toilets.

Department stores and shops

The larger shops, the department stores and the galleries in the shopping streets have toilets, which are mostly well maintained. That, for example, a well-kept department store, such as the La Rinascente in Via del Tritone would have unkempt toilets, is unimaginable.

Toilets in bars and restaurants

Bars have a public toilet by law. Of course, the bar owner makes no jumps of joy when the guest uses only the toilet. You should therefore combine the necessary with the pleasant and consume a drink and maybe a pastry. At the bar counter, it costs less than at the table.

Street vendors with no seats, such as ice cream shops or sandwiches and pizza shops, usually have no public toilets.

In the city center, restaurants often crowd in a very small space. If the tables are the size of a stamp, you can usually assume that the toilet is not larger.

If necessary, you can wash your hands before ordering, then you will see how it is.

Toilets in the airports

Öffentliche Toiletten in Rom AdR
Toilets in Rome Airport Fiumcino

In particular, the toilets in Rome Fiumicino Airport are newly renovated and well maintained. Also, the toilets in Ciampino airport are fine.

Public toilets in Rome at the train stations

Öffentliche Toiletten in Rom Termini
Public toilets in Termini central station

Termini Station: The toilets are located in the basement on the side of Via Giolitti.
1 €

Tiburtina Station: The toilets are located on the first basement floor and on the second floor.
1 €

Ostiense station: The situation of the toilets at Ostiense station is rather doubtful. Also the toll toilets of the metro are not recommended. If necessary, you can go to Eataly, which you can reach through the underpass under the tracks towards track 15. Eataly is open from 9-midnight.

The sanitary facilities of the Metro are generally not recommended.

Other toilets in the public area

Some basilicas have toilets, for example at San Giovanni in the basilica on the left and at San Paolo in the kiosk at the exit of the basilica.

If necessary, you could also visit a toilet in a public hospital. On the Gianicolo, for example, there is one of the best children’s hospitals in the world, the Bamin Gesù, which is accessible 24 hours a day.

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