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You land at Rome Fiumicino Airport and hear the announcement, welcome to Leonardo da Vinci Airport. Maybe you’re thinking, oh god, where did I end up? – No panic! – You have come to the right place, in the Rome intercontinental airport. The airport bears the name of the brilliant artist and philosopher Leonardo. The international code is FCO.

In addition to the intercontinental Fiumicino airport, there is also the low cost Ciampino.

Fiumicino has received the ACI Airport Service Quality awards since 2017. It is the only European airport to have achieved the highest level 4+ in the Airport Carbon Accreditation program together with Ciampino. By 2030, both airports are planning to be Co2 neutral.

Arrival at FCO

Although it is the largest airport in Italy, it is quite manageable. There are only two terminals, T1 and T3. The remote T5 is only for special flights.

Rome Fiumicino Airport Flight over St. Peter's Basilica

Regarding entry requirements concerning the coronavirus you will find details in our article on the corona rules.

You usually have to wait around half an hour for your luggage and then you continue to your destination.

T1 and T3 are connected internally. If you continue your flight from Fiumicino and have checked your luggage, you do not need to leave the transit area.

Airport transfer

If you have ordered a pick-up, someone will be there with your name tag.

If you want to continue by taxi or shuttle bus, go straight out of the terminal and then right. Be sure not to get involved in illegal taxis. There are a lot of scams out there.

You come to the train station in T3 on the right through an underpass or you take the elevator two floors up on the left and then take the pedestrian bridge. The elevator is on the right in T1.

The pedestrian bridge also takes you to the parking garage and the car rental companies.

There are also car rental companies that do not have their offices in the airport. Then take the escalator up one floor to the departure level and wait for someone to pick you up in the parking lot between T1 and T3.

Tickets at a glance

Book directly with our partners at no extra charge.

Hotels, apartments, camping:

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Train connections

The Leonardo Express runs at regular intervals from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Central Station without stopping. The journey time is good half an hour. The internet ticket is valid for one trip on the day booked. Children up to the age of 12 accompanied by a paying adult are free.

Rome Fiumicino airport train line FL1

The regional line FL1 runs in a half-ring around the city. Important train stations are Trastevere, Ostiense and Tiburtina. In Trastevere you change to St. Peter’s Basilica, in Ostiense the Metro B crosses and the line to Ostia begins, Tiburtina is an express station and there is the bus station for connections to the Apennines.

Shuttle buses

To the right of the exit from Terminal 3 there is a small bus station with private lines to Rome and other directions.

The Sitbus, which you can book here, goes to Termini Central Station. On the way it stops on the Via Aurelia and behind the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Taxis and chauffeured cars

The Roman taxis are responsible for the journey to Rome. They have fixed prices for different destinations in Rome. The standard is € 51 for destinations within the Aurelian walls. For more details, see our article on taxis in Rome.

The taxis from Fiumicino are responsible for the surrounding area. They are more expensive and there is no fixed price.

It is even more comfortable if you have a chauffeur pick you up at the airport. The vehicles are very high quality. So starts your stay in Rome really classy.

Departure from Rome Fiumicino airport

For each terminal, T1 and T3, there is only one entrance with temperature control from the street and one from the pedestrian bridge. You can only get in with a ticket or a boarding pass and not earlier than 3 hours before departure.

Rome Fiumicino Airport Coronavirus

Many airlines have only a few check-in desks open and there can be long lines. It is therefore better if you are there two hours before departure.

To bridge the waiting time, take a good book with you or use the free WiFi in the airport.

Information about the approach to Fiumicino

Fiumicino airport satellite photo
Satellite image of the airport

The airport has three runways, during normal flight operations, landing is on two runways from the north and starting on the third runway towards the sea.

If you’re coming from the north, you won’t see Rome when the weather is nice. Coming from the south from Castel Gandolfo, you usually fly a loop over the city and then thread the plane north of Rome into the landing aircraft.

Only in rare cases, with north wind, the whole thing is the other way around. You fly over the city, you can see St. Peter’s Dome, and then come from the south. The flight time is extended by about 10 minutes, but you will be compensated by the view of the city. Unfortunately, these weather conditions are not very common.

In very unfavorable weather conditions, the runway must also be used for landing, but this significantly reduces the capacity of the airport. In very rare cases – but this must be a heavy storm front – flights are diverted to Ciampino airport or you land in Pisa or in Naples.

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54 thoughts on “Rome Fiumicino airport · Arrival · Transfer · Departure”

  1. We are 3 friends arriving to FCO in different flights.
    Is there any area where we can wait for the rest of the group? some will have to wait 3 hours so searching options where to wait besides next to baggage claim.

    • FCO has a very nice transit area airside, but if you need to pick up luggage, you can’t wait there. Terminal 3 has a large area with bar, restaurant and stores on the second floor. When you arrive in T3, after customs go left and you find escalator and elevators. When you arrive in T1, take the pedestrian bridges to T3. Or you take the pedestrian bridge to the Hilton Rome Airport and meet there at the bar.

  2. Hey. I plan on arriving a day early and staying at the adjoining Hilton. The next day we walk back to the airport and take a transfer service (taxi) to the cruise port. Is it safe to assume there is no issue going back into the airport and waiting for the taxi at the arrivals area after leaving customs? Can you recommend a transfer company? Thanks!

  3. Hi. In your experience, how long is the immigration clearance at FCO? I’m planning to go directly to Florence via high speed train from Roma Termini. If I arrive at 6am at FCO, will I make it to my 930am train at Roma Termini? I’m not an EU citizen, if that helps. Thank you!

    • Yes, this is feasible. On average, passport control takes 20 minutes. You should catch the Leonardo Express train at 8:38 at the latest, which arrives at Termini at 9:10.

  4. We are departing Rome on Tuesday October 11, 2022. Our flight departs at 11:00 am for the US. What time do we need to get to the airport?

  5. I am departing FCO to the United States and do not plan on checking a bag. Can I go directly to Terminal 5 and by pass baggage drop off?

    • Hi Susan, I think, terminal 5 is closed. You shall leave from T3 and if you have a web check-in you can go directly to the security control.

  6. I’m staying in Fiumicino along the seafront and wondered how much a taxi will be from the airport please. Also if I get a 3 day pass can I use it starting the nxt day or does it start from the day I buy it.

    • Hi Kath, there are no fixed taxi prices from Fiumicino village to the airport. I don’t know which pass you mean. Fiumicino is not part of the metropolitan area of Rome and you can’t use the city tickets of Rome, which are valid 24/48/72h from the first trip. The city tickets are valid in Ostia Lido, which is part of the City of Rome. From Fiumicino to Rome you need a 3 zone ticket (this is not valid for the express train from the airport to Termini main railway station) and you can buy tickets for more days.
      There is a ticket for 3 days that is called BTR and is valid until midnight of the 3rd day after the first trip. For 3 zones it costs 22 €. Then there is a 7 day ticket CIRS and it costs 34,50 € for 3 zones. The day ticket BIRG is valid from the first trip until midnight and it costs 8 € for 3 zones.

  7. Hi,

    I have arrival at T1 on Sunday 29th May at 08:45 and departure from T3 at 10:35. Will this be enough time? I do not have hold luggage only hand luggage. Am I correct in saying I don’t have to go through security again?

    • Hello,
      yes, that’s enough. You can go to T3 without leaving the transit area and don’t need to pass security.


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