Rome with kids · Tips for families in the Eternal City

Rome with kids Family holidays in Rome

Rome with kids: What is fun for children in the Colosseum and what impresses them in St. Peter’s Basilica? Where do children make their own ice cream and where is the best pizza? This and much more you will find here for your optimal family vacation in Rome.

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Rome Coronavirus · COVID rules in Rome

Rome Coronavirus empty Spanish Steps

Rome Corona. Due to the coronavirus, Italy has introduced a color system with white, yellow, orange and red. Rome is white zone. The situation is checked weekly. Find out what that means for your trip to Rome here.

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Rip-off in Rome · Where and how · 3 basic rules

Nepp Abzocke in Rom Gip and ripoff in Rome

Gip and rip-offs are everywhere, even in Rome. Although much is warned, many tourists are too careless and fall into the trap. Some cases even make headlines worldwide. Read how you can protect yourself and how you should behave when confronted with an inflated bill. 

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