Rome museums · Museums in Rome · Opening hours · Free entry

Rome museums admission Villa Borghese

Rome museums at a glance. With over 2,700 years of history, Rome is full of works of art from ancient times to modern times. Discoveries are still made today during excavations and construction work and can be visited. Read our overview with information on reservations, tickets and opening times.

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The most beautiful viewpoints of Rome

Aussichtspunkt Rom Orangengarten Rome viewpoint punti panoramici Roma

From the most beautiful viewpoints you can enjoy wonderful views of Rome from above. Enjoy the view over the archaeological area of ​​ancient Rome, the Tiber Island, St. Peter’s Basilica and the city center to the Albano Mountains and the Apennines.

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Rome city center · 7 Highlights · Facts & Figures

Rome city center Pantheon

Rome city center. There is a lot to experience and discover in the historical center of Rome. Whether shopping around the Spanish Steps, a visit to the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, good food in the ghetto, visiting churches and ancient relics or partying at Campo de’ Fiori, the center of Rome leaves nothing to be desired.

The Trevi Fountain · Description, history and anecdotes

Trevi fountain

See the Trevi Fountain and … enjoy. This grandiose spectacle, a fountain the size of a swimming pool. The rushing of the water that is transported from the millennia-old Virgo aqueduct to the Martian field. The great staging of the ocean. Let yourself be surprised.

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