Vox Mundi pilgrim service St. Peter's Square

Vox Mundi · Service for pilgrims and visitors at St. Peter’s Basilica

Vox Mundi has been looking after pilgrims visiting St. Peter’s Basilica since 2007. Here you will find an overview of the offers from Vox Mundi and how you can skip the queue at the security check for St. Peter’s Basilica in a time-saving manner.

Who is Vox Mundi

Vox Mundi is the official tour operator for the St. Peter’s Basilica.

Vox Mundi organizes the reception of pilgrims and visitors, organizes guided tours and makes available the audio guides.

With your booking, you will go about 15 minutes before the start of the tour to the Vox Mundi staff, which will provide the audio equipment or the guided tour. The service of the tour includes the direct access to the security control without queueing, as soon as it will be offered again.


All proposals of Vox Mundi

How to get to the Vox Mundi meeting point

St. Peter's Square entrances
Vox Mundi meeting point

You will find the Vox Mundi staff outside the left colonnade of the Bernini at Piazza del Sant’Uffizio. When you are in front of St. Peter’s Square, walk on the outside along the left colonnade to the Piazza. The employees wear a blue jacket with the Vox Mundi logo.

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