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Wedding in Rome · Marriage in Rome

You want to get married in Rome? Rome offers a beautiful scenery and so your wedding in Rome will be unforgettable. Here you can find all the information about church and civil weddings in Rome.

Civil wedding in Rome

Wedding in Rome Luca Caparelli

According to Italian law, the clergyman also acts as a civil servant during the church wedding. Only if you do not want to marry in church, but only on a civil basis, you must register your wedding at the civil office. For this purpose, you need international birth certificates of the future spouses or certificates with a certified translation and a certificate of no impediment to marriage. Non-EU citizens need appropriate certificates of their embassy. More information about marriage in Italy you can find on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the website of your embassy.

The Municipality of Rome provides four locations for the ceremony:

  • The red room in the Capitol
  • The chapel-like complex Vignola Mattei near the Baths of Caracalla
  • The Villa Lais at Via Tuscolana and
  • The blue hall in Ostia

The cost of the civil wedding ceremony in Rome for non-residents is € 1,200 during the week and € 1,400 on weekends. The ceremony is held in Italian and you may need an interpreter, to make legally valid statements.

Church wedding in Rome

As a rule, the clergyman also assumes the duties of the civil servant. If you are already civil married, or you do not want a permanent registration, you have to state and justify it accordingly.

For the wedding, the priest requires the necessary documents according to the church rules as well as for the civil office. For the Catholic ceremony, the parish church of your country in Rome, the St. Peter’s Basilica and the other pope basilicas, as well as a number of churches, are arranged on weddings.

The Evangelical-Lutheran ceremony is celebrated in the Church of Christ.

Members of other religious communities must contact their respective communities.

Popular Catholic wedding churches in Rome

Wedding in Rome Church of San Anselmo
Wedding in Rome Church of San AnselmoSan Anselmo on the Aventine

Popular are the three churches on the Aventine. The basilica of St. Sabine and the church of St. Alexius date back to the 3rd century. Nearby is the Benedictine abbey, consecrated to Saint Anselm, next to the mysterious square of the Order of Malta from the 18th century.

Particular is the quiet location as well as the view from the park of the Alexius and from the Orange Garden.  

Basilica of John and Paul Celio
Basilica of St. John and Paul

On the Celio Hill is the Basilica of the Holy Martyrs John and Paul. They should have lived in the Roman houses under the basilica, which have been restored and may be viewed. On the right, between the basilica and the church tower, you can discover rooms that have served the coliseum in the ancient times.

Wedding in Rome SS. Giovanni e Paolo
Prayer of the bridal couple

The basilica is the title church of the Passionists’ Order. It is pompous and equipped with heavy chandeliers, golden putti hold the armrest of the bridal couple.

Wedding in Rome Santa Maria in Aracaeli
Stairs to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracaeli

The basilica Santa Maria in Aracaeli is located on the left of the town hall. It can be reached via a steep, long staircase. Many celebrities marry here. Getting up and down the stairs in the wedding dress and on high shoes must be a nightmare. In any case the bride will remember the day for a long time.

Financial contribution of the Lazio Region

For each wedding celebrated in the Lazio Region, the Lazio Region grants a contribution of up to 2,000 euros for the costs incurred in the region during the wedding celebration. This support can be requested for weddings for the whole year 2022, until the corresponding fund of 10 million euros is exhausted.

Hotels and restaurants

In Rome you will find many restaurants for events and celebration. I have selected some elegant restaurants, that can also host larger groups in a refined atmosphere for the celebration of your wedding in Rome.

Read here, how to chose a hotel in Rome.

Photos of your wedding in Rome

Wedding in Rome Photoshooting
Photo: Zhanna Stankovych

Do you like the photos on our website? Contact us for a professional photo service!

We will be happy to plan and organize your wedding in Rome.

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3 thoughts on “Wedding in Rome · Marriage in Rome”

  1. Good morning, Buongiorno. How can I book a civil wedding in one of the beatiful locations:; the red room in the Capitol, the chapel-like complex Vignola Mattei near the Baths of Caracalla, the Villa Lais at Via Tuscolana or
    The blue hall in Ostia? Some direct contact please, without any wedding-planners.
    Thank you, Cordiali Saluti
    Tarja Niemi

    • Hi Tarja,
      I suggest to call +39 060606. This is the call center of the municipality of Rome and there you find English-speaking operators.

      The Red room and Vignola Mattei can be booked at the Ufficio matrimoni dell’ Anagrafe Centrale Via Luigi Petroselli, 50 tel. +39 06 67104428.
      For Villa Lais you have to go to the town hall of district IX, for the Blue hall you have to book at the town hall of district XIII. I think, the call center can give you more contact details.


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