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Every Wednesday, when Pope Francis is in Rome, there is a papal audience in the form of a general audience. In contrast to the private audiences and the group audiences, a larger public is admitted to the general audiences. Tickets must be booked in advance. You can pre-order tickets on this page.

Pope Francis audience tickets

You need admission tickets to enter the audience.

Deutsches Pilgerzentrum Rom

You can use our online reservation form on this page and we will send your booking to the German Pilgrim Center for further processing.

You can order the free cards latest 12 days before the desired audience. We can only process orders that are received within the 2nd Friday before the desired audience. You can then pick up the tickets on the Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Collection on Wednesday is not possible.

The pilgrim center is located at Via del Banco di Santo Spirito 56 Pilgerzentrum. When you come from the Castel Sant’Angelo, go over the Angel’s Bridge and continue straight on. The pilgrimage center is on the right.

Some tour operators offer guided tours or pick up at the hotel for Papal Audience. In this case, the organizer of the tour cares for the tickets. The guide provides good places to experience the Pope up close. He also gives information about the course and the historical background.

Tickets to papal masses

Useful information about papal audiences


The Pope’s general audience takes place on Wednesday mornings. The dates on which the Pope’s audience takes place can be found below in the online reservation form.


The Pope’s general audiences are currently taking place either in the Cortile San Damaso (in the Apostolic Palace) or in the audience hall at 9:15 am. Admission to the San Damasus court is from 7:30 am at the bronze gate on the right behind the security check. The entrance to the audience hall is under the left colonnade.

From September the audience may again take place in St. Peter’s Square. Where the audience takes place does not depend on the weather, but on the number of registered participants.

The audience usually takes place in the Audience Hall in the months with less visitors such as November and mid-January to early March, otherwise the Audience with the Pope is held on St. Peter’s square, even in bad weather. If the weather is very bad, the audience may be split and some visitors will be seated in the Audience Hall and another part in St Peter’s Basilica.


The general audience begins at 9:15. The entrance to the general audience begins at 7:30. After 9 am sometimes the entrance to the general audience is closed. There are the usual security checks at the entrance. You may bring beverages in plastic bottles with you, but no dangerous objects such as sticks, scissors or knives. Also the dress code must be observed, shoulders and knees must be covered!

Sequence and duration of the Pope audience

After 8:30 am, the names of the pilgrim groups from all over the world will be started to read. The Pope will appear at 9 and will pass  by car on secured paths through the visitors area. He sometimes stops and blesses the visitors, especially babies and toddlers.

Then, he welcomes special visitor groups and bridal couples waiting for him on the podium in front of the St Peter’s Basilica.

As soon as he has taken his place on the podium, the papal audience begins. Readings in various languages are held and the Pope greets the visitors once again. The audience ends with the blessing of the Pope, usually between 10:15 and 10:30 am.

Opening hours of the St. Peter’s Basilica

On the day of the general audience on St Peter’s square, the St Peter’s Basilica will be closed until to the end of the audience. Also the dome of St. Peter’s is closed.

Online reservation

You can reserve the free invitation cards using this form. The reserved invitation cards are available from the pilgrimage center. You can find all information about pick-up in our reservation confirmation.

You can also follow the audiences live on our Papal Audiences live page.

Newlyweds can get special places for up to 4 months after the wedding. You must appear in wedding attire and have a copy of the wedding certificate with you.

Pilgrims on foot and by bike can also get special places if they have covered at least a distance of 100 km on foot or 200 km by bike. You must have your pilgrim ID with you.

Special cards can also be ordered for wedding anniversaries (25/50/60 years), birthdays (80/90/100 years), for priest re-ordinations and priest anniversaries.

Please fill out all fields marked with (*) carefully.

Bridal pairs enter the following information here:
- First and last name of the spouses,
- the date of the wedding,
- the name of the priest who performed the wedding;
- parish, place and diocese of the wedding ceremony.

Pilgrims on foot or by bike enter the distance covered here (at least 150 km)

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